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Fleetwood Area Baseball Association is a 100% volunteer operated organization. Since we are all volunteers with other “life obligations” we do our best to try and create the best environment for players to enjoy the game of baseball and to develop as players.


The questions below represent a sampling of questions that are typically brought forward. There are obviously items that are not addressed in these FAQs. Please feel free to ask any questions or bring forward any concerns to the FABA board or your coach.


What is our mission statement?


The mission of Fleetwood Area Baseball Association is to promote the values of sportsmanship, fair play and community spirit through a quality developmental program of baseball instruction for young people.


What are our core values?


Sportsmanship - showing proper respect for teammates, opponents, coaches, officials, and spectators.

Fair Play - playing by the rules of the game, respecting our teammates and opponents, and being a proper role model to others in both winning and losing.

Community - building good will among the people within the area served by FABA.

Excellence - promoting skill development and team play toward the goal of performing at the highest level possible and instilling a lifelong love for the sport of baseball.

Competitiveness – teaching persistence, hard work and a positive attitude on and off the field.


How is FABA managed?


FABA is managed by an elected board of directors pursuant to the Bylaws of FABA and board elections. Except as otherwise provided in these bylaws, the officers of the FABA shall be elected by the Members as provided in these bylaws, and each officer shall hold office for a term of one year


How are coaches selected?


Coaches are selected by the FABA board. All coaches are volunteers. If you are interested in coaching, please be sure to indicate your interest during registration.


What is the difference between the In House and Tournament Team programs?

Each player who registers to participate with FABA is placed on an in house team. Our in house program is broken out into age groups in the following manner; Tball(ages 4-6); Coach Pitch(ages 6-7); American League(age 7-8); National League(age 9-10); Senior League(ages 11-12); Jr. Babe Ruth(ages 13-15)

Depending on the age group, in house teams may only play games against other FABA teams or may play games against other local programs (Oley, Brandywine, Kutztown, etc). Every attempt is made to balance in house teams through either an evaluation process (for older age groups) or breaking out teams by age and gender for younger age groups.

Tournament Team play represents the opportunity for players to play against stronger competition versus what is seen during in house games. This is another opportunity for players to develop. Tournament teams play in several tournaments throughout the season against other local competition. Because FABA is a Cal Ripken program, tournament teams have the opportunity to participate in the Cal Ripken tournament trail, meaning district and state tournaments. Tournament Teams may also play in local leagues such as Junior Diamond League and Diamond League. Each tournament team player must also play in house. There is an additional cost for Tournament Team play that is set by the FABA board. Participation on Tournament Teams is subject to an evaluation process set by the FABA board.

How long does the season last?


The spring/summer season starts in March (weather depending) and runs until approximately mid-June.

The fall season starts in August and runs until approximately mid-October.


When and where will my child have practices?


Depending on the age group, practices will be held mostly on weeknights. It will be the coach’s discretion as to when practices will be scheduled. Until players are assigned onto teams, it is impossible to determine what nights and where a player will practice. All efforts will be made to try and comply with scheduling requests but no guarantees can be made.


Practices can be held at one of the following locations(but may not be restricted to one singular location throughout the season); Smith Field; Fleetwood Park; Maidencreek Community Park; Andrew Maier Elementary School; Walnuttown; Willow Creek Elementary School.


Because many of our in house players also participate on Tournament Teams, a decision was recently made with respect to practice conflicts. If there is a conflict between an in house practice and Tournament Team practice, the Tournament Team will take precedence.


When and where will my child have games?


“Home” games will be held at one of the noted locations, depending on the age group. “Away” games will take place at other local programs as previously noted. Games can either be on weeknights or weekends, starting late April running through early June.


Do all the players get equal playing time?


For in house play, the expectation is that coaches should make every effort to balance playing time evenly. Every rostered player on an in house team shall be a part of the batting order. Each player must play AT LEAST six defensive outs.


For tournament team play, given the more competitive nature, there is NO guaranteed playing time.


How are players placed on in house teams?

For younger age groups (tball, coach pitch), FABA shall split players into teams, making all attempts to balance teams by age and gender.


For older age groups (American League and up), an evaluation process will be held during the month of March and players will be broken out into teams.


I want my child to play up to an older age group to be challenged, what is the FABA policy on this?


Any requests to play up to an older age group is subject to FABA Board of Directors review. We cannot guarantee the ability to comply with a play up request. Preference will be given to players who are age appropriate for a given age group.


Why does FABA require fundraising of their families?


We all know that there are many demands on us by programs which our children are a part of when it comes to fundraising. It seems like on almost a weekly basis there is more fundraising coming home, be it from school, other youth sports, other youth activities, etc. The first goal of fundraising is to try and keep registration costs down.  When compared to other local programs, we feel that our costs are among the lowest.


FABA is unique in comparison to many other youth sports programs in that FABA owns and maintains Smith Field. There are obviously significant costs associated with just the upkeep of this facility. If there are any “upgrades” that are done at Smith Field, these costs can also be significant. There are also costs associated with use of other local fields. There are costs associated with equipment purchases, uniforms, etc. All of these add up.


While making fundraising “required” seems like a significant burden, FABA does review which fundraisers we are participating in on a regular basis to determine if it creates too large of a burden for our families. We attempt to select fundraisers that make the process as easy as possible. If at any point, you become aware of a fundraising activity that you believe would be beneficial to the program, please do not hesitate to let FABA know.


What about the concession stand? Doesn’t that raise funds and why is my coach asking me to work in the concession stand during my child’s game?


The concession stand at Smith Field is another opportunity for FABA to bring in money to help keep registration costs down. The concession stand is also a long standing popular location for our families to find snacks to eat while watching games at Smith Field. We have heard stories of families stopping by the concession stand on evenings when their child doesn’t even have a game to pick up a burger for dinner.


We know that you’d prefer to be relaxing in the bleachers watching your child’s game. That said, we rely on the generous nature of our families when it comes to helping to volunteer to work in the stand during games. Your coach or a person designated by your coach will work to help coordinate volunteer coverage during games. If everyone shares in volunteering, the obligation will be less on all of us.


How can I help FABA?


FABA is always looking for volunteers to help in various areas. If you are interested in coaching, please note this when completing the online registration form, talk to a board member or your child's coach. If coaching does not fit you best, we have other areas such as assistance with fundraising, and field maintenance where you can help. If you want to help the program but do not feel comfortable coaching, please let us know.


Does FABA hold meetings?

Yes. General meetings are held once a month on the second Wednesday of the month. These meetings are typically held at the Keystone Villa. Notifications are sent out via email and posted on the FABA social media pages. These meetings are open to everyone, and all are encouraged to attend and be involved in the decision making process.


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